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Cardinals Practice Location Update: Pierce Middle School
by posted 07/05/2020

Hi All - 

Sorry for the double-up on the emails this morning (last one, I promise!).  I just got confirmation from the League that we are confirmed for practice as follows:

  • Monday, July 6th 
  • 6-7PM
  • Location:  Field Behind Pierce Middle School (note, this is NOT the same as Kelly field)

Also, in a prior email I mistakenly said that we will not be sharing bats.  Please note that we DO have 3 team bats that we will wipe down for use by anyone who needs to use a bat.  You can still bring your own though.  You will still need to bring your own masks, gloves and helmets (I have two extra unused helmets if anyone wants to have one to keep, just let me know).

Thanks and see you Monday evening.


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Milton Softball: Cardinals Season Kick-Off
by posted 06/30/2020

Hello Cardinals!

I wanted to quickly write and let you know we're excited to kick off the Cardinals softball season on Wednesday July 8th at 6pm @ Andrews field.  

In terms of COVID-related houskeeping:

1) You should have received a COVID waiver from the league that you'll have to sign in advance of the season. 

2) All players will have to use their own helmets, gloves, and bats this year (no sharing unfortunately)

3) Masks will be required while the kids are in the "dugout" but not necessarily while in the field (though they can wear them if they choose)

4) We will be wiping down the softballs each half inning so that each team starts with a freshly cleaned set of balls 

Lastly, we're told that we should receive the jerseys shortly before the season kicks off, so stay tuned on that and we'll figure out a way to get them out to everyone.


I know my two girls (Naomi and Emmy) are excited to get out there and hopefully with everyone's help and support we'll have a fun (albeit unique) summer softball season this year. 



Jake, Glenn, and Nancy

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