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Change Team: 
Safety Coordinator Needed
by posted 07/07/2020

Hi team, 


Only two more days until our first game. Hope to see everyone there!

We have one last item to take care of. We must designate a parent (or group of parents) to act as the Safety Coordinator(s) this season in order to meet the Phase 3 Directives for use of Milton fields. Basically you would be keeping an eye on the game, encouraging saftey and sportsmanship. The only actual work will be quickly wiping down the benches, the game ball and any common use bat handles between innings. All supplies will be provided at the field. 

This should be a pretty easy task and I think we can probably just rotate each game, but the league does want a name or two on file. It would be great if we could get a couple volunteers today so we can get this wrapped up. 

Thanks in advance for your help. 


Coach Scully



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