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Hello Milton Girls Softball Players,

We are excited to offer for the first time ever, a FREE Open House Pitching Clinic, for every member of the league in Grades 3-8.

The Pitching Clinic is designed to welcome any player to learn more about windmill Fastpitch.  All levels of skill are invited, from beginner to intermediate, whether you have been curious to learn what pitching is all about, or have attended our Level I or Level II pitching clinic, this will be a great opportunity to learn more.  Age specific skills will be taught.

WHEN:     This Sunday April 29th  12:30-1:30 pm
WHEREGile Field
WHAT:     Janelle Carlson of East Coast Pitching and her staff will be taking it from the beginning to the advance as they will break out into groups based on pitching skill and grade, after an intro to pitching.  Janelle will also have the support of the MHS Softball Team Pitchers, for the group breakout sessions.

                             What Will You Learn?

The Steps to become a Pitcher
The Basics…Grip, Stride, Arm Rotation, Release
More Mechanics…power line, glove position, wrist-snap, follow through, accuracy
The top ten…how to start your pitching career

Pitching Clinics

Led by Janelle Carlson - EastCoast Pitching

Milton Girls Softball has established ongoing pitching clinics designed to teach the girls the basic skill of fastpitch windmill pitching.  The pitching clinics are split into 3 levels with girls moving up a level with the successful completion of the previous level.  Pitching clinics are divided by level, not by age. All clinics, no matter what level, include an introduction, covering general mechanics, and the actual pitching practice. 

The clinic is led by Janelle Carlson of EastCoast Pitching.  She is a great instructor and highly qualified.  For more information on Janelle and EastCoast pitching, visit her website.

Level I Pitching Clinic

The Level I Pitching Clinic consists of four (4) one hour sessions over 4 weeks.  Instruction includes the basics of proper mechanics, correct footwork, arm circle, posture, grips for pitching-age specific.  Age specific skills are taught and each player will advance at their own pace.  You may not walk away from this clinic as a good pitcher.  You WILL walk away with a clear understanding of the steps necessary to become a good strong pitcher.
Prerequisite: None

Level II Pitching Clinic

The Level II Pitching Clinic will have focus on snap, and leg drive, along with going over drills for accuracy, movement and power. Time will be divided to cover the basic fundamentals of pitching, as they are always important to go over, even if you have been pitching for a couple of years. Situation work is presented to these intermediate pitchers to begin thinking about the mental, in-game situation work a pitcher will be dealt with in every game.
Prerequisite: Completion of Level I or waived by the instructor.  Usually 4 one hour sessions.

Level III Pitching Clinic
The Level III Pitching Clinic is an advanced clinic and covers all types’ pitches (curve, rise, drop, screw, change and fastball); working on developing spin and movement of those pitches, as well as accuracy. Many power drills will be covered to present different drills that may help a pitcher increase miles per hour. Situation work will be discussed thoroughly as it is at this point in a pitcher's career that she needs to begin thinking about calling her own game and throwing to different hitters for in-game situations. Keeping composure on the mound and being the leader on the field will also be discussed thoroughly.  The advanced clinics are best for 13 years old or older, but do not exclude any younger, more advanced pitcher.
Prerequisite: Completion of Level II or waived by the instructor.  Usually multiple one hour sessions.