Spring | Grades 1-2 Freshwomen

The Grades 1-2 Freshwomen Division runs from early April through mid-June. This is an instructional league where the focus is on fundamentals: throwing, catching, field positions, base running, and proper hitting mechanics. Coaches toss easy pitches to batters and score is not kept. No called strikes. No umpires.

We understand that at this age your daughter may be trying different activities. We encourage girls to participate in other activities such as soccer, dance, theater, or lacrosse. Although we hope that your daughter participates in as many games as possible, attendance at every game is not mandatory. As a courtesy, we do ask that you inform your coach if your daughter cannot attend a game.


Player is a resident of Milton or attends school in Milton.

Player is enrolled in K, Grade 1 or 2.


The league wants to ensure that we have balance across all teams so we do our best to make sure each team has an equal amount of Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd graders.


Typically 2 games per week. The schedule usually includes games on Saturdays and mid-week @ 6PM.


Coaches will schedule practices before the season but generally there are not practices during the season.

Playoff Format

No playoffs.


Jerseys are provided and handed out prior to the first game.

Frequently Asked Questions

Finances are tight. Do you offer any financial assistance?

Milton Girls Softball believes that every girl who is interested in playing should be able to play. If you have financial circumstances that make the registration fees a challenge, please reach out to Noreen Dolan from the Milton Resident & Parish Member Funds at 617-696-1214 or Miltonresidentsfund@gmail.com. We have a strong partnership with the Milton Resident & Parish Member Funds while keeping your circumstances private. 

What equipment will my child need before the first practice or game?

Players should arrive at their first practice with a glove, hat, and rubber molded cleats.

All players should bring a windbreaker, jacket, or sweatshirt to every game and practice, especially early in the season. A softball bag is not required but it is helpful to transport bats, batting gloves, water bottles, hats, and other items.

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